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We are serious about

coffee + community

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coffee + Community

Two Qualities Symbolized by our elephant

It all started by writing various notes to her children, the elephant has now adapted into our "signature." Whether on a note of encouragement, a list of chores, or a birth­day card; the elephant was always there to remind them to have strength & be mindful in all they do. 

Here at The Herd, it's our dedication to quality that gives us the strength of an elephant & the mindfulness to begin a culture of excellence.

 We are here to provide you with only the best customer service & great products made with quality ingredients. We care about our community and we care about our coffee.

We believe we can't exist without a great community and a great community cannot exist without great coffee.

So while we roast up, you drink up, and we will see you around!

elephant tested. community approved. 



from our store to your door

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Our Store

We have all the tools you need to impress your friends and to serve great coffee. 



  • Coffee
  • Coffee Making Supplies
  • Subscription Service
  • Merchandise / Gift Sets

"this is the best coffee i have ever had"

- Said someone awesome

To take your shop, church, restaurant to the next level



Why us?

We believe that coffee shops and restaurants separate themselves by quality. Quality is important to us in our coffee (which is great), but just as much in our customer service (also pretty awesome!). Give us your contact information and we would love to get to reach out!



  • High Qualtiy with Competitive Prices
  • Free Training
  • Consulting on equipment and start up
  • Best Customer service in the world




What is Coming Soon?

We will soon be offering classes form our roastery site and coffee shops near you! Sign up on our newsletter to get updates! 



  • Cupping Classes
  • French Press/ Pour Over/ Aeropress Classes
  • At Home Barista Classes
  • More to come!